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BOWMAR_parts(E): Optostic (LED Display)
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AKA: Opto-stic, Product number (P/N): Optostic,
Keywords/Tags: Optostic
Date of intro: ~1971,
Display: Type = Display (LED) (List),
Classification: / Part / Display_LED_Module,
Used in: APF: 71, BOWMAR: 901B (version-1), BOWMAR: 901B (version-2), BOWMAR: 901B (version-3), BOWMAR: 90911, BOWMAR: 91505 (version-1), BOWMAR: 91505 (version-2), BOWMAR: 92001 (version-2), BOWMAR: MX120 (version-1), BOWMAR: MX25, BOWMAR: MX55 (version 1), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM901400D (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM901400E (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM9014050 (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM905400E (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM905410D (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM905411B (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM905412A (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM907401A (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM907402A (PCB), BOWMAR_parts(E): PM908409B (PCB), BUSICOM: LE80A, CAHUE INDUSTRIAL: VANGUARD: 18PA, CANON: F3, CANON: LE80R, CANON: LE82, COMMODORE: 776M (version-3) commodore USA Beige, COMMODORE_parts(E): 200424,Rev.0 (PCB), COMMODORE_parts(E): 200864,Rev.A (PCB), CONTINENTAL: (Unknown model 1), CRAIG: 4501A, DummyBrand: 01, DummyBrand: 02, DummyBrand: 05, HANIMEX: VP8 (version-1), HEATHKIT: IC2009, HIRADASTECHNIKA SZOVETKEZET: K106P, HIRADASTECHNIKA SZOVETKEZET: K831 (version-1), HIRADASTECHNIKA SZOVETKEZET: K86, INTERTON ELECTRONIC: PC2008 (version-1), INTERTON ELECTRONIC: PC2010 (version-2), KOVAC: 808MR, MELCOR: 1100, MELCOR: 400 (version-1), MELCOR: 400 (version-2), MELCOR: 500 (version-1), MELCOR: 550 (version-1), MELCOR: SC535, MELCOR_parts(E): 2262-26C (PCB), PRINZTRONIC: LE808P, RADIO INDUSTRY ZAGREB (RIZ): 86M, RADIO SHACK: EC400, RADIO SHACK: EC425, RADIO SHACK: EC450, UNICOM_parts(E): 1001176A (PCB)



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