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ITRON_parts(E): FG95A (Display)
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Product number (P/N): FG95A,
Keywords/Tags: FG95A
Date of intro: ~1975, Origin: Japan (List),
Display: Type = Display (VFD) (List), Digits = 8+1,
Classification: / Part / Display_VFD_Monolitic,
Used in: (Unknown manufacturer)_parts(E): 20.105-5001.1 (PCB), (Unknown manufacturer)_parts(E): CA2811-03 (PCB), BROTHER: 408AZ (version-1), BROTHER: 408AZ (version-2), BROTHER: 418E, BROTHER: 518AZ, COMMODORE: GL997RF, COMMODORE_parts(E): 201276,Rev.A (PCB), DECIMO: Super Vatman (version-1), INTERTON ELECTRONIC: PC4030 (version-2), INTERTON ELECTRONIC: PC6010, LABORA MANNHEIM: SI-computer, LOGITECH: LC837R, MBO: 80SCF, PRINZTRONIC: Converter, PRIVILEG: 837MDNC, QUALITRON: 1437, QUALITRON: 1438, ROCKWELL: 24MS, SILVER-REED: SR80 (version-1), SILVER-REED: SR82 (version-2), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 816AD (version-1)


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