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INTEL_parts(E): C4004 (IC MicroProcessor)
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Product number (P/N): C4004,
Keywords/Tags: C4004 | 4004
Date of intro: 1971,
Classification: / Part / IC,
Featuring: Logic-technology: Microprocessor,
Related with: INTEL_docu: (Art.) The history of the 4004,
Serie-members: INTEL_parts(E): C4004 (IC MicroProcessor) (Microprocessor); INTEL_parts(E): P4001 (IC) (ROM); INTEL_parts(E): P4002-1 (IC) (RAM); INTEL_parts(E): P4003 (IC) (Shift-register),
Known Serial-numbers: F6497 | N58?2 (List of all S/Ns from INTEL_parts(E))
Collector value: 8.5/10,
Info: World's first Microprocessor,
Definition of Integrated Circuit (out of Agreement beween INTEL and BUSICOM):
The Processor is a single chip which implements and interprets all microinstructions.
The Processor contains 16 general purpose 4-bit registers, a set of 12 bit registers used as a push-down stack, a 4-bit accumulator with a 1 bit carry/link stage, an operation register and instruction decoder.
The Processor provides a 4 bit data port for communication with the ROM-Chip and NCM-RAM.
The Processor generates a synchronizing signal which indicates the start of an instruction cycle.
The Processor also generates command signals used to control NCM-RAM and ROM-Chip operations.
These signal lines can control up to 4 groups of ROM-Chip's and NCM-RAM's.
A group consists of up to 16 ROM-Chip's and 4 NCM-RAM's.
The Processor implements a decimal adjust accumulator instruction so that decimal arithmetic may be easily realized.

Internet: Link-1
Used in: BUSICOM: 141PF, BUSICOM_parts(E): QP46332 (PCB), NATIONAL CASH REGISTER (NCR): 18-36, UNICOM: 141P


IC (Member)
Host: UNICOM: 141P
S/N: 26NC363386

IC (Member)
Host: BUSICOM: 141PF
S/N: 26NB250491

IEEE Micro
0272173296$500 (0272-1732/96/$5.00)

/ IC (Member)
S/N: F6497

/ IC (Member)
S/N: N58?2

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