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ELECTRONIC ARRAYS_parts(E): FDY320B7002 (ChipSet)
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AKA: FDY 320B-7002, Product number (P/N): FDY320B7002 (FDY 320B-7002),
Keywords/Tags: FDY320B7002 (FDY 320B-7002)
Date of intro-: ~1971, TimeKeeper IC's (sorted by Year): (Link),
Classification: / Part / Calculator-ChipSet,
Featuring: Logic-technology: LSI (Large Scale Integration), calculator-chipset,
Used in: DATA DEVICES: 880/1, GENERAL_parts(E): EDC16111DTD (PCB), KEYSTONE_parts(E): 95005 (PCB), LAGO-CALC: LC816 (version-1), REX-ROTARY: 250, REX-ROTARY: D31 (version-2), TOTALIA_parts(E): 100-9072 (PCB), WALTHER: ETR2034S (version-1)


IC (Member)
Host: DATA DEVICES: 880/1
S/N: ?

IC (Member)
7218 (a7218)
Host: KEYSTONE: 1070
S/N: 81666

IC (Member)
7223 (a7223)
Host: REX-ROTARY: D11 (version-1)
S/N: 024005677

IC (Member)
7240 (a7240)
Host: REX-ROTARY: 250
S/N: 084000413

IC (Member)
7248 (a7248)
Host: GENERAL: 1611
S/N: 1888

IC (Member)
7401 (a7401)

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