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HITACHI_parts(E): HD3226P (IC)
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Product number (P/N): HD3226P,
Keywords/Tags: HD3226P
Date of intro: ~1973, Case: Type = Dual In Line (DIL) 16,
Classification: / Part / IC,
Featuring: Logic-technology: Integrated Circuit (IC),
Info: AND-gates
Used in: CASIO: 101A
Used in: CANON: F10P, CANON_parts(E): X61971204 (PCB), CASIO: 121E (version-2), CASIO_parts(E): 12V1C (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): 16X1A (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): A12T1A (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): A12T1B (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): A12T2A (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): A12TE5A (PCB), GENERAL_parts(E): 5224017007A (PCB), SHARP: CS523, SHARP: CS626, TRIUMPH-ADLER: 1214P


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