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NEC_parts(E): µPD277C (CalcChip)
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Product number (P/N): µPD277C,
Keywords/Tags: µPD277C
Date of intro-: ~1974, TimeKeeper IC's (sorted by Year): (Link), Case: Type = Dual In Line (DIL) 28,
Classification: / Part / Calculator-Chip,
Featuring: Logic-technology: VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), calculator-on-a-Chip,
Used in: (Unknown manufacturer)_parts(E): _Unknown_00006_ (PCB), (Unknown manufacturer)_parts(E): 800MR (PCB), BROTHER: 508, BROTHER: 508AY, BROTHER: 508AZ, CHINON: 8M (version-1), CITIZEN: 820R, GENERAL: EDC812, INTERKONTINENTALE WARENHAUSGRUPPE: MR800, KOVAC: SM858M, MANNICS: MK818, MBO: De Luxe III, MIIDA ELECTRONICS_parts(E): MC868M340404 (PCB), PRINZTRONIC: SR88M (version-2), PRIVILEG: 810M, PRIVILEG: 868MD, PRIVILEG: 878MD, SANYO: CX8107C, SANYO: CX8111A, SANYO: CX8136N, SANYO: CX8192, SANYO_parts(E): R4170782B1 (PCB), SANYO_parts(E): R4171171 (PCB), SHARP: EL8100, SHARP: EL8101, SHARP: EL8102, SHARP: EL8106, SHARP_parts(E): PWBF1198CCA (PCB), SILVER-REED: 8M (version-1)


IC (Member)
Host: SHARP: EL8100S
S/N: ?

IC (Member)
Host: MBO: 800MR
S/N: ?

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