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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_parts(E): TMS1045NL (CalcChip)
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Product number (P/N): TMS1045NL,
Keywords/Tags: TMS1045NL
Date of intro-: ~1976, TimeKeeper IC's (sorted by Year): (Link),
Classification: / Part / Calculator-Chip,
Featuring: Logic-technology: VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), calculator-on-a-Chip,
Used in: BMS: 800J, CANON_parts(E): EH1011102 (PCB), CANON_parts(E): EH1012104 (PCB), CANON_parts(E): EH1052002 (PCB), CLOVER: 2013, HOMELAND: 8109, NESTLER: OH1002A (version-1), NESTLER: T52, PRINZTRONIC: SR99M (version-1), PRIVILEG: 848MD, SANTRON: 722, SILVER-REED: 8J (version-3), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 81SN (version-1), WELCO: R81, ZENY_parts(E): 500124 (PCB), ZENY_parts(E): 560124 (PCB)


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