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TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4352P (IC)
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Product number (P/N): TM4352P,
Keywords/Tags: TM4352P
Date of intro: ~1972, Case: Type = Dual In Line (DIL) 16,
Classification: / Part / IC,
Used in: ADDO-X: 9201, ADDO-X: 9374, BROTHER: 122PDR, CASIO: 121E (version-2), CASIO_parts(E): 16Y1C (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): 8G1A (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): 8J1A (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): A12T2A (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): B12D1A (PCB), CASIO_parts(E): B12J1A (PCB), CITIZEN: 124DP, CITIZEN: 800K, DummyBrand_parts(E): 4932PCB7 (PCB), FACIT: 1114, FACIT: 1116, FACIT: 1118, GENERAL: 1611, GENERAL_parts(E): EDC12181D (PCB), GENERAL_parts(E): EDC8041A (PCB), HANIMEX: BC08L, KARSTADT: PD60, KOKUYO: KC80C, MIIDA ELECTRONICS: 8, NITSUKO: DC8SA, OLYMPIA: CD401A, OMRON: 60N (version-2), OMRON: 800K (version-1), OMRON_parts(E): 800R24402 (PCB), OMRON_parts(E): 86SR340402A (PCB), PRINZTRONIC: C35, PRINZTRONIC: C40, RICOH: RC8, RICOH_parts(E): 75504021 (PCB), ROCKWELL: 320, SANYO: CX8001, SANYO: CX8100A, SANYO: ICC805 (version-2), SHARP: CS122 (version-1), SHARP: CS224V (version-1), SHARP: EL803, SHARP_parts(E): _Unknown_003_ (PCB), SHARP_parts(E): 4932PCB7 (PCB), SHARP_parts(E): PCB with no Ref. 003 (PCB), SHARP_parts(E): PWBE1004CCB (PCB), TOSHIBA: BC0811B, TOSHIBA: BC1217A, TOSHIBA: BC1260, TRIUMPH-ADLER: 1214 (version-2), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 1215S (version-2), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 60 (version-1), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 804 (version-1), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 804 (version-2), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 80D (version-1), TRIUMPH-ADLER: 80D (version-2)


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