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HITACHI_parts(E): HD36290 (CalcChip)
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Product number (P/N): HD36290,
Keywords/Tags: HD36290
Date of intro-: ~1975, TimeKeeper IC's (sorted by Year): (Link), Case: Type = Dual In Line (DIL) 28,
Classification: / Part / Calculator-Chip,
Featuring: Logic-technology: VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), calculator-on-a-Chip,
Used in: (Unknown manufacturer): 1000PR, ALCO: 888, BRUNSVIGA: B10, CANON: LD81 (version-1), CRAIG: 4517, DECIMO: Vatman Vantage, DELTEK BUSINESS MACHINES: 2000R, ELWRO: 116, ELWRO: 130, EXECUTRON: 830, EXECUTRON: 833, IBICO: 083B, LLOYDS: EH9036, MBO: 833ND (version-2), MINTRON: 832ND, OMRON: 840, OMRON: 88R (version-4), OMRON_parts(E): 860340402A (PCB), PRIVILEG: 805D, RICOH: RC8B, SHARP: EL8000R (version-2), SHARP: EL8005S (version-1), SHARP: EL8005S (version-2), SHARP: EL8005S (version-3), TEXET: 8


IC (Member)
76C41 (6C 41)
Host: OMRON: 860X (version-1)
S/N: Z0005055

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