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RICOH: 1000P
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AKA: RICOMAC 1000 P, AKA (Label): CODE 7476-20 or CODE 7476-35, Product number (P/N): 747620 (7476-20) or 747635 (7476-35),
Keywords/Tags: 747620 (7476-20) or 747635 (7476-35) | 1000P
Date of intro: ~1973, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 300x220x100mm, Weight: 4300g,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (None) (List), Extra Display features: Type = Display (LED: as bulb) (List), Quantity = 2,
Number of keys: 21, #Key-Black: 8, #Key-Red: 1, #Key-White: 12,
Decimal switch: [0-1-2-3-4], Indicators: POWER (ArrowLeft),
Internal Printer: SANKYO,
Classification: / Desktop with Printer,
Featuring: Logic-technology: LSI (Large Scale Integration), calculator-chipset,
Related with: RICOH_docu: (Ad.) *: Das große Plus (1000P,1010P); RICOH_docu: (Ad.) *: Giant in a portable package (1000P,1010P); RICOH_docu: (Broch.) *: die Rechner (1000P,1010P); RICOH_docu: 74768502 (Instr.) 1000P,
Main Components: HITACHI: HD32115P; HITACHI: HD32116P,
Known Serial-numbers: 16116 | 74762016116 (CODE 7476-20, 16116) | 74763568466 (CODE 7476-35, 68466) (List of all S/Ns from RICOH)
Collector value: 7,5/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


Perspective, profile view
(Courtesy of: VAN DER HEIDE Eddy)

Perspective, profile view
(Courtesy of: VAN DER HEIDE Eddy)


S/N: 74762016116 (CODE 7476-20, 16116)

(Courtesy of: VAN DER HEIDE Eddy)

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