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AKA (Label): EDC 1214, Product number (P/N): EDC1214,
Keywords/Tags: EDC1214 | 1214
Date of intro: ~1973, Origin: Japan (List),
Power: AC,
Keyboard: Reed-switch, Number of keys: 23, #Key-Grey: 9, #Key-Red: 2, #Key-White: 12,
Decimal switch: [6-4-3-2-1-0], Round switch: [F-5/4-CUT-A/M], Miscellaneous switch: [PRINT_OFF-ON],
Classification: / Desktop with Display+Printer,
Featuring: Logic-technology: LSI (Large Scale Integration), calculator-chipset, Memories: 1,
Related with: REMINGTON_docu: (Broch.) 1214,
Main Components: CASIO: A12T1A; CASIO: A12T2A; CASIO: A12TE2A; CASIO: A12TE4RA; CASIO: A12TE5A,
Resemblance with: CASIO: R5, Made by: CASIO (List of all Import-OEM-models for REMINGTON),
Collector value: 7.5/10,
Courtesy of: SPIESS Heinz,
Info: The two pictures are showing a modding, in other words…
budding the Square Root function to convert it in a possible CASIO: R3
After I looked at the square root hack from the inside, I started to remember the story:
By coincidence I had found out that hitting the [%] and [-=] at exactly the same time, the square root of the current value was displayed.
But since it's rather difficult to hit those two buttons exactly at the same time, I installed that switch, which 'short cuts' the reed switches of the two buttons.
So to compute a square root, one has to put the switch to 'Wurzel' (can be done while power is on) and then
hit either [%] or [-=] and then one can put the switch back to "Normal" to have the standard functionality of the 2 buttons.


(Courtesy of: SPIESS Heinz)

(Courtesy of: SPIESS Heinz)

Internals / Internals (PCB bottom)
(Courtesy of: SPIESS Heinz)

Keyboard / Modding
(Courtesy of: SPIESS Heinz)

Label, name plate / Bottom
(Courtesy of: SPIESS Heinz)

Switch / Modding
(Courtesy of: SPIESS Heinz)

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