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ELECTRONIC: DC9 (version-1)
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Product number (P/N): DC9,
Keywords/Tags: DC9
Date of intro: ~1973, Dimensions: 195x115x48mm,
Power: 6V: (C x4) + Adaptor,
Display: Type = Display (VFD tube) (List), Brand = NEC: LD8035, Digits = 8+1,
Number of keys: 19, #Key-Black: 11, #Key-Blue: 4, #Key-Red: 4,
Decimal switch: [4-2-F], Miscellaneous switch: [K-(ArrowRight)],
Classification: / Desktop with Display,
Main Components: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: TMS0105NC,
Resemblance with: (Resemblance 523),
Known Serial-numbers: 5733260 (List of all S/Ns from ELECTRONIC)
Collector value: 8/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Info: Version with 2 Red keys


Internals / Internals (PCB)

Internals / Internals (PCB bottom)
P522 (P-522)

Internals (PCB bottom) / Internals (keyboard)

Label, name plate

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