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COMMODORE: 612 (version-1)
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AKA: Electronic 612, AKA (Label): MODEL 612, Product number (P/N): 612,
Keywords/Tags: 612 | Electronic
Date of intro: 1969, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 290x260x128mm,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (Gas disharge tube) (List), Brand = RODAN: MG17D, Digits = 12, Extra Display features: Type = Display (Neon bulb) (List), Quantity = 1,
Keyboard: Reed-switch, Number of keys: 18, #Key-Blue: 1, #Key-Brown: 1, #Key-Grey: 5, #Key-White: 11,
Round switch: [OFF-5/4-(ArrowDown)-ON],
Classification: / Desktop with Display,
Featuring: Logic-technology: SSI (Small Scale Integration) / JMOS (Japanese MOS), Memories: 1,
Related with: (Cables): Female_3-Holes: 0023x0013x0140,
Main Components: (; CASIO: 12H12B; CASIO: 12H2D; CASIO: 12H3C; CASIO: 12HE4A; CASIO: 12HE5A; CASIO: 12HSB; ); or; (; CASIO: 12H12C; CASIO: 12H21B; CASIO: 12H31A; CASIO: 12HE4A; CASIO: 12HSB; ),
Original Equipment Manufacturer : CASIO: 122 (List of all Export-OEM-models from COMMODORE), Resemblance with: (Resemblance 522), Made by: CASIO (List of all Import-OEM-models for COMMODORE),
Serie-members: COMMODORE: 612 (version-1) (Blue); COMMODORE: 612 (version-2) (Brown),
Known Serial-numbers: 207147 | 207506 | 207554 | 207736 (List of all S/Ns from COMMODORE)
Collector value: 8.5/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),




containing 'half'-zeros

Label, name plate
S/N: 207736

Type, faceplate, trade mark

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