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WALTHER: ETR2 (version-1)
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AKA (Label): Mod. ETR2, Product number (P/N): ETR2,
Keywords/Tags: ETR2 | 2
Date of intro: 1972, Origin: Germany (List), Dimensions: 210x155x55mm, Weight: 1000g,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (Nixie) (List), Digits = 8, Extra Display features: Type = Display (Incandescent bulb) (List), Quantity = 2, Extra Display features: Type = Display (Neon bulb) (List), Quantity = 1,
Keyboard: Reed-switch, Number of keys: 20,
Classification: / Desktop with Display,
Related with: WALTHER_docu: 221007 (Bedienungsanleitung ETR2, ETR3); (Docu_Articles): 19720221: Die Entstehung eines elektronischen Tisch...,
Main Components: WALTHER: B2192748C,
Resemblance with: WALTHER: ETR2 (version-2); WALTHER: ETR2 (version-3),
Known Serial-numbers: 22504622924247 (2250462 2924247) | 22504622924341 (2250462, 2924341) (List of all S/Ns from WALTHER)
Initial Cost Price: DEM798, Collector value: 8,5/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Info: Version with 20 keys
Internet: Link-1: RECHENKASTEN, Link-2, Link-3


Internals (keyboard)

Internals (keyboard) / Switch (reed)

Label, name plate / Label (service) / Label (reseller)
S/N: 22504622924247 (2250462 2924247)

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