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SANYO_docu: (Cat.) 197911
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Date of intro: nov-1979, Dimensions: 200x85mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: SANYO: CX0105A, SANYO: CX0115DP, SANYO: CX1001, SANYO: CX1002, SANYO: CX1211, SANYO: CX1212, SANYO: CX1213, SANYO: CX1231, SANYO: CX1251, SANYO: CX1251A, SANYO: CX2209C, SANYO: CX7211T, SANYO: CX7231M, SANYO: CX7250H, SANYO: CX8181L, SANYO: CX8182L, SANYO: CX8185LR, SANYO: CY2132, SANYO: CY2166DP, SANYO: CZ0125L, SANYO: CZ3421A, SANYO: ECR01LD, SANYO: ECR02LE, SANYO: ECR16LDN, SANYO: ECR540-4, SANYO: ECR540-6, SANYO: ECR540-8,
#Pags: 16, Language: Japanese,


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