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(Docu_Catalogs): ARGOS: 1982 Autumn
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AKA: Argos, Simple modern discount shopping,
Date of intro: sep-1982,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: CASIO: BG15 (version-1), CASIO: FR100, CASIO: FX350, CASIO: FX3600P, CASIO: FX7, CASIO: FX82, CASIO: FX900, CASIO: HL809, CASIO: HR12, CASIO: LC310, CASIO: LC786, CASIO: MG777, CASIO: MG880, CASIO: SL801, SANYO: CX110, SANYO: CX130, SANYO: CX2520 (version-3), SHARP: EL327, SHARP: EL407, SHARP: EL506H, SHARP: EL507, SHARP: EL836, SINITRON: 807P, SINITRON: MG8, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 1032 (version-3), TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 1766 (version-1), TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 30 LCD (version-1), TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 35 (version-2), TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 5142 (version-2), TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 53 (version-1), TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 55II (version-1), TOSHIBA: BC1026PV, TOSHIBA: HB101 (version-1), TOSHIBA: LC825, TOSHIBA: LC842, TOSHIBA: LC859WA,
Publisher-1: ARGOS,
Internet: Link-1


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