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CASIO_docu: M4000938L (Cat.)
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AKA (Label): M400-0938L, Product number (P/N): M4000938L (M400-0938L),
Keywords/Tags: M4000938L (M400-0938L)
Date of intro: ~1983, Dimensions: 297x210mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: CASIO: AQ1700, CASIO: CG8, CASIO: CP10, CASIO: DR110S, CASIO: DR120S, CASIO: DR1220, CASIO: DR6220P, CASIO: DR7220, CASIO: DS1, CASIO: DS2, CASIO: F1, CASIO: F2, CASIO: FD20, CASIO: FD30, CASIO: FP200, CASIO: FR101, CASIO: FR1011, CASIO: FR120, CASIO: FR1211, CASIO: FX180P, CASIO: FX190, CASIO: FX210, CASIO: FX350, CASIO: FX3600P, CASIO: FX450, CASIO: FX550A, CASIO: FX601P, CASIO: FX602P, CASIO: FX700P, CASIO: FX78, CASIO: FX801P, CASIO: FX802P, CASIO: FX8100, CASIO: FX880, CASIO: FX910, CASIO: FX960, CASIO: FX98, CASIO: FX990, CASIO: GR6250, CASIO: H1, CASIO: H2, CASIO: H3, CASIO: H813B, CASIO: HL101B (version-2), CASIO: HL121B, CASIO: HL802, CASIO: HL805B, CASIO: HL809B, CASIO: HR1, CASIO: HR15, CASIO: HR7, CASIO: J1012, CASIO: J1211, CASIO: J811, CASIO: JL120, CASIO: JL130B, CASIO: JL200, CASIO: JL210B, CASIO: JL820, CASIO: JR150, CASIO: JR250, CASIO: JS10D, CASIO: JS20, CASIO: LC100, CASIO: LC1023B, CASIO: LC1200, CASIO: LC1210, CASIO: LC311, CASIO: LC402, CASIO: LC787, CASIO: LC796, CASIO: LC852, CASIO: MG200, CASIO: N1, CASIO: N2, CASIO: N3, CASIO: PB100, CASIO: PB200, CASIO: PB300, CASIO: PB700, CASIO: PF3000, CASIO: PG200, CASIO: PW61, CASIO: PW70, CASIO: S2, CASIO: SL1000, CASIO: SL2000, CASIO: SL300C, CASIO: SL702A, CASIO: SL702B, CASIO: SL702G, CASIO: SL71, CASIO: SL722, CASIO: SL80 (version-1), CASIO: SL80 (version-2), CASIO: SL803, CASIO: SL804, CASIO: SL822, CASIO: SL8A, CASIO: SL8B, CASIO: SL8C, CASIO: VT100, CASIO_parts: FJ31, CASIO_parts: FP201 (8kB RAM) FP200, CASIO_parts: FP205 (8kB ROM) FP200, CASIO_parts: OR1 (1kB Memory), CASIO_parts: OR20 (2kB Memory), CASIO_parts: OR4 (4kB Memory), CASIO_perips: CM1 (MicroCassette Tape Recorder), CASIO_perips: FA10 (Printer/Plotter: 4-color), CASIO_perips: FA2 (Interface), CASIO_perips: FA3 (Interface), CASIO_perips: FP10 (Printer), CASIO_perips: FP1011PL (Printer), CASIO_perips: FP1015PR, CASIO_perips: FP1021FD1 (Disk-Station), CASIO_perips: FP12 (Printer), CASIO_perips: FP210KB (Keyboard) FP200,
#Pags: 8, Language: Japanese,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


Catalogue (fragment)

Catalogue (fragment)

Catalogue (fragment)

Catalogue (fragment)

Catalogue (fragment)

Catalogue (fragment)

Catalogue (fragment)

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