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OLYMPIA_docu: 10100221 (Broch.) *: Olympia trae novedades...
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AKA: Olympia trae novedades para las oficinas del mundo, AKA (Label): 1/01/002/21, Product number (P/N): 10100221 (1/01/002/21),
Keywords/Tags: 10100221 (1/01/002/21)
Date of intro: ~1969, Origin: Germany (List), Dimensions: 297x210mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Brochure,
Related with: OLYMPIA: RAE4/30-3 (version-2),
#Pags: 16, Language: Spanish,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS), Donation of: MILLARES Jose Manuel,


Brochure (fragment)
(Still in the era OLYMPIA exporting to Japan, instead of importing)

Brochure (fragment)
Factory Braunschweig

Brochure (fragment)
Factory Wilhelmshaven

Brochure (fragment)
Olympia Calculadores electrónicos de sobremesa

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