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CASIO_docu: M3000967F (Cat.)
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AKA (Label): M300-0967F, Product number (P/N): M3000967F (M300-0967F),
Keywords/Tags: M3000967F (M300-0967F)
Date of intro: ~1975, Dimensions: 182x85mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: CASIO: 101 (Pro-101), CASIO: 103MR, CASIO: 121MR, CASIO: 122F, CASIO: 162F, CASIO: 805MR, CASIO: AL10 (Pocket), CASIO: AL8, CASIO: C100P, CASIO: CL811 (version-1), CASIO: CL812, CASIO: FX102, CASIO: FX19, CASIO: FX201P, CASIO: FX3, CASIO: H1011, CASIO: H801, CASIO: H802, CASIO: H812B, CASIO: M800 (version-3), CASIO: P811, CASIO: R120, CASIO: R210, CASIO: R320,
#Pags: 12, Language: Japanese,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


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