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PANASONIC_docu: (Cat.) 1986~
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Date of intro: ~1986, Dimensions: 189x85mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: PANASONIC: JE101 (version-1) K, PANASONIC: JE101 (version-2) W, PANASONIC: JE102 (version-2) K, PANASONIC: JE102 (version-3) Y, PANASONIC: JE1088, PANASONIC: JE1604, PANASONIC: JE234 (version-1) K, PANASONIC: JE234 (version-2) G, PANASONIC: JE234 (version-3) P, PANASONIC: JE2604, PANASONIC: JE288, PANASONIC: JE357 (version-1) B, PANASONIC: JE357 (version-2) N, PANASONIC: JE368 (version-1) BD, PANASONIC: JE368 (version-2) BS, PANASONIC: JE368 (version-3), PANASONIC: JE377N (version-1) B, PANASONIC: JE377N (version-2) P, PANASONIC: JE388, PANASONIC: JE394, PANASONIC: JE420N, PANASONIC: JE421N, PANASONIC: JE451, PANASONIC: JE460, PANASONIC: JE488, PANASONIC: JE551, PANASONIC: JE552, PANASONIC: JE553, PANASONIC: JE656NP, PANASONIC: JE658P, PANASONIC: JE732, PANASONIC: JE888, PANASONIC: JH500N, PANASONIC_adaptors: JL025R, PANASONIC_adaptors: JL045, PANASONIC_adaptors: JL065, PANASONIC_adaptors: JL096, PANASONIC_pacs: JHG10, PANASONIC_pacs: JHG11, PANASONIC_pacs: JHG20, PANASONIC_pacs: JHG30, PANASONIC_pacs: JHG40, PANASONIC_parts: JE008 (Protection pouche), PANASONIC_parts: JL071 (Print roll), PANASONIC_parts: JL072 (Ribbon), PANASONIC_parts: JL073, PANASONIC_parts: JL074 (Print roll), PANASONIC_parts: JL074A (Print roll), PANASONIC_parts: JL075, PANASONIC_parts: JL076, PANASONIC_parts: JL077, PANASONIC_parts: JL078, PANASONIC_parts: JL091 (Print roll), PANASONIC_parts: JL092 (Print roll),
#Pags: 12, Language: Japanese,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


Catalogue (fragment)
01. JE101,JE102,JE357,JE377N,JE390,JE391,JE393

Catalogue (fragment)
02. JE234,JE368,JE378,JE379,JE394,JH150

Catalogue (fragment)
03. JE288,JE388,JE420N,JE421N,JE488,JE551,JE552,JE553,JE888,JE1088

Catalogue (fragment)
04. JE451,JE460,JE656N,JE658,JE732,JE1604,JE2604,

Catalogue (fragment)
05. JH500N,JHG10,JHG11,JHG20,JHG30,JHG40,JL008,JL025R,JL045,JL065,JL071,

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