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AKA: MINI, ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, CM-605, AKA (Label): MINI CM-605, Product number (P/N): CM605 (CM-605),
Keywords/Tags: CM605 (CM-605) | MINI | ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR
Date of intro: apr-1974, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 146x70x30mm, Weight: 162g,
Power: 6V: (AA x4) + Adaptor, Adaptor: CASIO_adaptors: AD4145,
Display: Type = Display (VFD) (List), Brand = NEC: LD8097, Digits = 6,
Number of keys: 19, #Key-Black: 11, #Key-Grey: 6, #Key-Red: 2,
Classification: / Pocket,
Featuring: Logic-technology: VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), calculator-on-a-Chip,
Related with: CASIO_docu: (Ad.) *: Die neue CASIO-MINI Generation; CASIO_docu: M100847B (Broch.) *: 8,101U,CM605,FX10,Mini Root,Mini Root M; CASIO_docu: (Instr.) CM605; CASIO_docu: (Broch.) CM605: Das As der persφnlichen Rechner!; CASIO_docu: (Broch.) *: Quality Product Line from CASIO; CASIO_parts: (Box) CM605,
Main Components: CASIO: 6S1B; CASIO: 6SE4B,
Resemblance with: (Resemblance 095),
Known Serial-numbers: ?2629 (List of all S/Ns from CASIO)
Initial Cost Price: 8900 JPY (€ 72,09), Collector value: 7.5/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Info: DUDEK Emil:
Horizontal format two-piece case in black and white smooth plastic. The top and bottom edges are well rounded giving it a quality feel.
The display to the left is a raised section which is slightly tilted. There is a black printed metallic sticker in its own recess with the brand and model name.
The neutral display filter is flush with a printed white border line.
The keys are long travel, quite springy with a soft click on return.
Casio Computer Company Ltd. Made in Japan, serial No. 73491 (on battery cover) and 6034416 inside the battery compartment.
One of the later, more compact horizontal models from Casio. This one is probably one of the most basic with six digits and the early and short-lived shift key.
Logic is pretty shaky with no recovery, dodgy minus sign and rubbish display and numerous bugs including the divide by zero clock.
Not difficult to guess by the very large component count and early date codes this is one of the first Casio pocket-sized calculators.
The keyboard assembly (6S-E4B) is attached to the front of the case with five screws.
The main board (6S-1B) sits on top of it, held in place by three plastic posts and the power adapter socket. The two are joined by 10 strong wires.
Remove the screw inside the battery compartment then gently pop the lugs on the long sides by pushing in the white section of the case. The back will lift off hinging towards the top.
Logic comments:
The [C] button is used to clear last entry of a number and the [AC] clears the whole calculator.
Overflow on number input is suppressed, typing in a seventh digit is ignored.
An overflow shows the result and hooks up the calculator except for the display shift function and is not recoverable.
In the case of negative numbers the result shows the "-" sign on the far right (fist) digit of the least significant 6 digits.
Divide by zero shows all zeros with a shift display of ‘nxxxxx’ where n is the number you started with and the remaining digits show a counting clock -
when the "n" is hit by the counter it increments the digit from where it started rather than zero.
There is automatic constant on all four functions.
Negative numbers are shown with a ‘-‘ in the far left (sixth) digit you are limited to five digit negative numbers.
However, you can see a result up to twelve digits by using the shift key but the negative sign moves to the first digit
The shift key [>], called the "Full Register Viewing Key" by Casio, shows you the least significant six digits for the product or quotient of your calculation.
It suffers the negative zero bug: key in [1][-][2][=] to give ‘-1’ now add one [+][1][=] to give ‘-0’
It suffers the divide to negative zero bug: key in [-][1][=] to give ‘-1’ now [/][1][0][=][=][=] etc until you get ‘-0’ with a display shift of ‘00000-‘ and you can carry on calculating.

Predecessor: CASIO: CM604, Successor: CASIO: CM606




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