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AKA: MODEL AS-8A, AKA (Label): AS-8A, Product number (P/N): AS8A (AS-8A),
Keywords/Tags: AS8A (AS-8A)
Date of intro: 1971, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 216x140x64mm,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (VFD tube) (List), Digits = 8+1,
Keyboard: Reed-switch, Number of keys: 17, #Key-Black: 15, #Key-Red: 2,
Keyboard Array (Rows x Columns): 04x05, Keyboard Layout: [7] [8] [9] [C] [AC] - [4] [5] [6] [x] [(Division)] - [1] [2] [3] [=+] [=-] - [0] [.],
Decimal switch: [4-2-0-F], Miscellaneous switch: [K-OFF],
Classification: / Desktop with Display,
Featuring: Logic-technology: VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), calculator-on-a-Chip,
Related with: CASIO_docu: (Instr.) AS8A (version-1); CASIO_docu: (Broch.) *: A brief introduction... (1972); CASIO_docu: (Instr.) AS8A (version-2); CASIO_docu: (Broch.) AS8A: Der Neue, Kompakte...; CASIO_parts: (Box) AS8A,
Main Components: CASIO: 8B1B; CASIO: 8BE4B,
Original Equipment Manufacturer : CASIO: AS8A (List of all Export-OEM-models from CASIO), Resemblance with: (Resemblance 521),
Serie-members: CASIO: AS8 (); CASIO: AS8A (); CASIO: AS8D (); CASIO: AS8E (),
Known Serial-numbers: 619428 | 713972 | 717634 (List of all S/Ns from CASIO)
Initial Cost Price: USD199.00, Collector value: 8/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Internet: Link-1: THE OLD CALCULATOR MUSEUM, Link-2: VOIDWARE, Link-3: LEDUDU, Link-4: FUNKY GOODS, Link-5: SCHLEPPTOPS Rechnerwiki


Perspective, profile view

Perspective, profile view


Casio AS-8A
Pag.16, 164/72

Label, name plate
S/N: 713972

Protection (dust cover)

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