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AKA: SR-60, AKA (Label): Model SR60, Electronic Calculator, Product number (P/N): SR60 (SR-60),
Keywords/Tags: SR60 (SR-60)
Date of intro: 1976, Origin: USA (List), Dimensions: 432x368x140mm,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (LED: dot matrix) (List), Digits = 20, Extra Display features: Type = Display (LED: as bulb) (List), Quantity = 3,
Keyboard: Computer-Keyboard keys with keycaps, Number of keys: 95, #Key-Grey: 74, #Key-White: 13, #Key-Yellow: 8,
Classification: / Desktop with Display+Printer / Printer (thermal) / Card reader,
Featuring: Scientific functions, Programmable, Logic-technology: VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), calculator-on-a-Chip, Memories: 40, Programmable Steps: 480,
Related with: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_parts: TP30250 (Thermal Paper {3x}); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_parts: 1030178-100 (Magnetic cards 10x) SR60; TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_parts: 10302661 (Magnetic card 10x 1030178100); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: DApg283516pa (Instr.) Bedienungsanleitung (SR60); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: (Instr.) SR60,SR60A: Field Service Manual; TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: (Ad.) SR60: Prompting desired?; TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: (Art.) SR60: Is this a luxury Desk Top...; TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: CN0027 (Broch.) SR60; TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: DApg284516pa (Instr.) Programmierhandbuch (SR60),
Main Components: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: TMC0501NL,
Serie-members: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: SR60 (); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: SR60A (Larger program + data storage register capacity),
Known Serial-numbers: 600001690 (60-0001690) | 600004560 (60-0004560) | 600004843 (60-0004843) | 600005141 (60-0005141) | 600010054 (60-0010054) | 600011798LTA1577 (60-0011798, LTA1577) | 6013280 (60-13280), 1018371 (List of all S/Ns from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS)
Initial Cost Price: USD1695.00, Collector value: 9/10,
Internet: Link-1: THE OLD CALCULATOR MUSEUM, Link-2: DATAMATH CALCULATOR MUSEUM, Link-3: R/S Programmable Calculators


Label, name plate
S/N: 600005141 (60-0005141)

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