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Serial Numbers
Brand and Type Serial Number
WANG_perips: 200K (Display+Keyboard) 500507
WANG_perips: 210K (Display+Keyboard) 525439
WANG_perips: 300K (Display+Keyboard) 300E,300SE 1737
WANG_perips: 300K (Display+Keyboard) 300E,300SE 6727
WANG_perips: 300K (Display+Keyboard) 300E,300SE 6759
WANG_perips: 320K (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 1810
WANG_perips: 320K (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 200202
WANG_perips: 320K (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 203409
WANG_perips: 320K (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 205522
WANG_perips: 320K (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 208953
WANG_perips: 320K (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 3105
WANG_perips: 320KT (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 10116
WANG_perips: 320KT (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 25522
WANG_perips: 320KT (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE 255482
WANG_perips: 360K (Display+Keyboard) 360E,360SE 602604
WANG_perips: 360K/362K (Display+Keyboard) 608338
WANG_perips: 360K/362K (Display+Keyboard) 608442
WANG_perips: 360KT (Display+Keyboard) 360E,360SE 655080
WANG_perips: 360KT (Display+Keyboard) 360E,360SE 655222
WANG_perips: 360KT (Display+Keyboard) 360E,360SE 655715
WANG_perips: 371 (Card Reader) 710516
WANG_perips: 373 (Data Storage) 370,380 730204
WANG_perips: 377 (Interface Teletype) 770117
WANG_perips: 379-5 (Control) 379-7 404269
WANG_perips: 380 (Programming Keyboard) Series 300-360 800657
WANG_perips: 605-1A (Micro Interface) CJ1151
WANG_perips: 701A (IBM Selectric Output Writer) 849349
WANG_perips: CP1 (Card Programmer) 453264
21-nov-2022 (28 Items)
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