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Serial Numbers
Brand and Type Serial Number
TEXET: 1200 (version-1) T017406
TEXET: 1212PD K122590
TEXET: 1500 (version-1) A272445
TEXET: 1500 (version-2) A507069V
TEXET: 8 8405416
TEXET: 800M A140068
TEXET: 800M C953160
TEXET: 82MD 311681
TEXET: 880 (version-2) T001007 (T 001007)
TEXET: 880 (version-2) T029041 (T 029041)
TEXET: 880 (version-2) T065748
TEXET: 880 (version-2) T065748 (T 065748)
TEXET: 880 (version-2) T108846 (T 108846)
TEXET: 8MR 8605181
TEXET: L0831T 196608
TEXET: PD2 79B96240
TEXET: T120M 550361
TEXET: Trader (version-2) 440901
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