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Serial Numbers
Brand and Type Serial Number
SERD: 21PDN 812282
SERD: 71A 9732916
SERD: 807M 3603884
SERD: 810N 4039866
SERD: Berlin-A 2016367
SERD: Berlin-A 2615011
SERD: Bonn 1117465S
SERD: Bonn 1120744S
SERD: Bremen 8002543S
SERD: Bremen 8006657S
SERD: Duesseldorf-S 4012165S
SERD: Duesseldorf-S 4014566S
SERD: ESR817 4033053
SERD: Hamburg 3002846S (3002846 S)
SERD: Kiel 13008783
SERD: Kiel 13010063
SERD: Kiel 13010356
SERD: Köln 14018003
SERD: LC125 90310275
SERD: ML8 3420710
SERD: München (version-1) 1001087
SERD: München (version-1) 1005873
SERD: München (version-1) 1008688
SERD: München (version-1) 1013129
SERD: Stuttgart 5002986S (5002986 S)
SERD: Ulm 31763
27-jun-2022 (26 Items)
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