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Serial Numbers
Brand and Type Serial Number
HP_perips: 82104A (Magnetic card reader) 2712S80066
HP_perips: 82104A (Magnetic card reader) 3334S06525
HP_perips: 82143A (Printer) 41 1943A15668
HP_perips: 82143A (Printer) 41 2024S40308
HP_perips: 82143A (Printer) 41 2027S40479
HP_perips: 82161A (Cassette Drive) 41 2440A28300
HP_perips: 82163A (Video Interface) 2228A16614
HP_perips: 82240A (Printer Infrared) 2933S1024J
HP_perips: 82240A (Printer Infrared) 2942S10087
HP_perips: 9120A (Printer) 94201125 (942-01125)
HP_perips: 9120A (Printer) 94201670 (942-01670)
HP_perips: 9120A (Printer) 94202198 (942-02198)
HP_perips: 9120A (Printer) 94203122 (942-03122 )
HP_perips: 9120A (Printer) G94800876 (G948-00876)
HP_perips: 9120A (Printer) G94800913 (G948-00913)
HP_perips: 9125B (Plotter) 1041A02531
18-sep-2022 (16 Items)
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