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Serial Numbers
Brand and Type Serial Number
BUSICOM: 100DA (version-1) 40CB101881
BUSICOM: 100DA (version-1) 40DB160347
BUSICOM: 100DA (version-1) 40FB161015
BUSICOM: 100DA (version-1) 40WB140125
BUSICOM: 100DA (version-2) 40AB150276
BUSICOM: 118B 1074671
BUSICOM: 12 (version-2) 5383134
BUSICOM: 1200PAD N010024 (N 010024)
BUSICOM: 120DA RQ121592 (RQ 121-592)
BUSICOM: 120DA RU125456 (RU 125-456)
BUSICOM: 120DB OG130153 (OG 130-153)
BUSICOM: 120DC 28SB103595
BUSICOM: 120DC 28SB103787
BUSICOM: 120DM (version-1) LF90759
BUSICOM: 120DM (version-2) LV71224 (LV 71224)
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23FB141627
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23FB141742
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23FB143319
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23FB143475
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23GB101271
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23GB102403
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23GB144565
BUSICOM: 120DN (version-1) 23HB104137
BUSICOM: 121DB (version-2) OU203373 (OU 203-373)
BUSICOM: 121DC 7903140
BUSICOM: 121DC 7911914
BUSICOM: 121DK (version-1) 30QB142057
BUSICOM: 121DK (version-1) 30RB142942
BUSICOM: 121DK (version-1) 30TB144298
BUSICOM: 121DK (version-2) 30SB104019
BUSICOM: 121DL (version-2) 50ZB140018
BUSICOM: 121DM 767891
BUSICOM: 121DN 7914337
BUSICOM: 121DN 7914646
BUSICOM: 121PK 38UB141046
BUSICOM: 121PK 38VB141597
BUSICOM: 141 (version-1) 16433
BUSICOM: 141PF 26NB250491
BUSICOM: 141PF 26VB245250
BUSICOM: 141PF 26WB246046
BUSICOM: 161 (version-1) 14511
BUSICOM: 161 (version-2) 11336
BUSICOM: 161 (version-2) 13991
BUSICOM: 162 03GB200074
BUSICOM: 162 16955
BUSICOM: 162 17459
BUSICOM: 162 20762
BUSICOM: 162 20785
BUSICOM: 162 PH52687
BUSICOM: 162 RS54873 (RS 54873)
BUSICOM: 162 RU56485 (RU 56485)
BUSICOM: 162C PH52602 (PH 52602)
BUSICOM: 162C PH52658 (PH 52658)
BUSICOM: 162DE 37FB160157
BUSICOM: 162DE 37SB140080
BUSICOM: 301 51FJ120071
BUSICOM: 301 51FJ121717
BUSICOM: 301 51FJ122298
BUSICOM: 301 51GJ122825
BUSICOM: 60DA 51AB103540
BUSICOM: 60DA 51BB106685
BUSICOM: 60DB 54FB101691
BUSICOM: 60DB 54FB103545
BUSICOM: 60DB 54MB111567
BUSICOM: 80DA 29NB100802
BUSICOM: 80DA 29PB101699
BUSICOM: 80DA 29PB102252
BUSICOM: 80DA 29QB143340
BUSICOM: 80DB 49BB100195
BUSICOM: 80DB 49BB100281
BUSICOM: 80DB 49EB100490
BUSICOM: 80DC (version-1) 41AB102689
BUSICOM: 80DC (version-1) 41VB101764
BUSICOM: 80DC (version-2) F003634 (F-003634)
BUSICOM: HL21 316427
BUSICOM: LE100A 39CB106505
BUSICOM: LE100A 39WB100772
BUSICOM: LE100A 39YB102224
BUSICOM: LE100A 39YB102245
BUSICOM: LE120A (version-1) 25HB100888
BUSICOM: LE120A (version-1) 25JB101393
BUSICOM: LE120A (version-1) 25JB101898
BUSICOM: LE120A (version-1) 25KB103066
BUSICOM: LE120A (version-1) 25MB108631
BUSICOM: LE120GB 34PB100008
BUSICOM: LE120S 27NB102036
BUSICOM: LE120S 27NB102660
BUSICOM: LE120S 27PB104259
BUSICOM: LE120S 27PB104816
BUSICOM: LE120S 27SB190183
BUSICOM: LE120S 27TB109608
BUSICOM: LE120S 27TB110726
BUSICOM: LE120S 27ZB112335
BUSICOM: LE120S 27ZB112356
BUSICOM: LE80A 35AB107837
BUSICOM: LE80B 58SB102163
BUSICOM: LE80S 52HB190350
BUSICOM: PA80S 81675
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