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Serial Numbers
Brand and Type Serial Number
BURROUGHS: C2156 C315321024 (C 315321 024)
BURROUGHS: C2215 C071339024 (C 071339 024)
BURROUGHS: C2216 C080003024 (C 080003 024)
BURROUGHS: C2216 C086695
BURROUGHS: C2255A C303738024
BURROUGHS: C2256A C357112024 (C 357112 024)
BURROUGHS: C2259 455874
BURROUGHS: C2259 480581
BURROUGHS: C2260 124339
BURROUGHS: C2260 167685320
BURROUGHS: C2260PTT 167090497 (16709049 7)
BURROUGHS: C2436 417011
BURROUGHS: C2460 168083707
BURROUGHS: C2460 C104492021 (C 104492 021)
BURROUGHS: C2460 C217659
BURROUGHS: C3103 C22998J (C-22998-J)
BURROUGHS: C3103 C39917J (C-39917-J)
BURROUGHS: C3120 C16863J (C-16863-J)
BURROUGHS: C3120 C28498J (C-28498-J)
BURROUGHS: C3123 C002753101 (C-002753-101)
BURROUGHS: C3146 C029252101 (C-029252-101)
BURROUGHS: C3155 C005429J (C-005429-J)
BURROUGHS: C3155 C013132J (C-013132-J)
BURROUGHS: C3155 C015001101 (C-015001-101)
BURROUGHS: C3155 C017489101 (C-017489-101)
BURROUGHS: C3155 C024429101 (C-024429-101)
BURROUGHS: C3160 C040298111 (C-040298-111)
BURROUGHS: C3161 C021438101 (C-021438-101)
BURROUGHS: C3161 C021606101 (C-021606-101)
BURROUGHS: C3161 C024016101 (C-024016-101)
BURROUGHS: C3200 (version-1) C21842J (C-21842-J)
BURROUGHS: C3203 C36787J (C-36787-J)
BURROUGHS: C3203 C42226J (C-42226-J)
BURROUGHS: C3203 C49246J (C-49246-J)
BURROUGHS: C3203 C49301J (C-49301-J)
BURROUGHS: C3203 C49301K (C-49301-K)
BURROUGHS: C3207 C27209J (C-27209-J)
BURROUGHS: C3225 C008315101 (C-008315-101)
BURROUGHS: C3227 C0033748101 (C-003748-101)
BURROUGHS: C3227 C014797101 (C-014797-101)
BURROUGHS: C3247 0079521
BURROUGHS: C3260 C030389101 (C-030389-101)
BURROUGHS: C3260 C031242101 (C-031242-101)
BURROUGHS: C3260 C031430101 (C-031430-101)
BURROUGHS: C3260 C031576101 (C-031576-101)
BURROUGHS: C3262 C000488115 (C-000488-115)
BURROUGHS: C3262 C001739115 (C-001739-115)
BURROUGHS: C3262 C016382101 (C-016382-101)
BURROUGHS: C3263 C027769101 (C-027769-101)
BURROUGHS: C3263 C028505101 (C-028505-101)
BURROUGHS: C3300 C10581J (C-10581-J)
BURROUGHS: C3300 C24619J (C-24619-J)
BURROUGHS: C3300 C26438J (C-26438-J)
BURROUGHS: C3316 (version-1) C003039101 (C-003039-101)
BURROUGHS: C3316 (version-2) 0014184
BURROUGHS: C3316 (version-2) C010621101 (C-010621-101)
BURROUGHS: C3317 C66617J (C-66617-J)
BURROUGHS: C3327 C67049J (C-67046-J)
BURROUGHS: C3350 C15859J (C-15859-J)
BURROUGHS: C3660 C032489101 (C-032489-101)
BURROUGHS: C3660 C29334101 (C-29334-101)
BURROUGHS: C3661 270353H
BURROUGHS: C3661 C034115101
BURROUGHS: C4315 C001870102 (C-001870-102)
BURROUGHS: C5120 C218594024
BURROUGHS: C5120 C227366024
BURROUGHS: C5120 C249008024
BURROUGHS: C5155 C008828024
BURROUGHS: C5155 C109679024
BURROUGHS: C5155 C117496024
BURROUGHS: C5156 C233530024
BURROUGHS: C5156 C267142024
BURROUGHS: C5156 C277640024
BURROUGHS: C5158 C383236
BURROUGHS: C5206 C017833024
BURROUGHS: C5206 C017833024 (C 017833 024)
BURROUGHS: C5206 C121837024 (C 121837 024)
BURROUGHS: C5206 C151412024 (C 151412 024)
BURROUGHS: C5206 C279985024 (C 279985 024)
BURROUGHS: C5206 C304193024 (C 304193 024)
BURROUGHS: C5255 C046733
BURROUGHS: C5255 C118680024 (C 118680 024)
BURROUGHS: C5255 EC008089024
BURROUGHS: C5255 EC008089024 (EC 008089 024)
BURROUGHS: C5255 EC023716024 (EC 0237 16 024)
BURROUGHS: C5258 C325854024
BURROUGHS: C5306 C184962024 (C 184962 024)
BURROUGHS: C6201 C167789024 (C 167789 024)
BURROUGHS: C6202 C071498024 (C 071498 024)
BURROUGHS: C6413 523519
BURROUGHS: C6453 519430
BURROUGHS: C7203 C168290024
BURROUGHS: C7203 C324204024
BURROUGHS: C7413 534736
BURROUGHS: C7443 C351698024
BURROUGHS: EA2000 496026
BURROUGHS: EA2100 426223
BURROUGHS: EA2101 114221021 (114221 021)
BURROUGHS: EA2300 167609031 (16760903 1)
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