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Origin = France
AKA (Also Known As) Label on Back Product Number Year of introduction Classification
(Companies): DIFOR     DIFOR (Company)   Company Info
(Companies): ELECTRO CALCUL     ELECTRO CALCUL (Company) ~1977 Company Info
(Companies): LITTON     LITTON (Company) ~1972 Company Info
(Companies): SAFT LECLANCHÈ     SAFT LECLANCHÈ (Company)   Company Info
(Companies): SVM     SVM (Company)   Company Info / Manufacturer: OEM-import
(Resellers): ARIMETHIC, S.A.     ARIMETHIC (Distributor) ~1978 Company Info
(Resellers): BALTIMORE, S.A.: (See: INTERPUR)     BALTIMORE   Company Info
(Resellers): BUREAUEQUIPEMENT       ~1971 Company Info
(Resellers): CIPEL-MAZDA         Company Info
(Resellers): INTERMANUFACTURES       ~1974 Company Info
(Resellers): LA REGLE A CALCUL       ~1982 Company Info
(Resellers): NEYRIAL       ~1976 Company Info
(Resellers): NOBLET       ~1983 Company Info
(Resellers): ORMEC       ~1975 Company Info
(Resellers): PARCO, S.A.       ~1971 Company Info
(Resellers): SONOTEC         Company Info
BURROUGHS: C2156   C2000 SERIES, C2156 STYLE C2156   Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C2166     C2166 197? Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C2215   C2000 SERIES, C2215 STYLE C2215   Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C2216     C2216 1974 Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C2256A   C2000 SERIES, C2256A STYLE   ~1976 Desktop
BURROUGHS: C2259 C2000 SERIES, C2259 STYLE C2259 ~1976 Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C2260PTT   C2000, C2260PTT C2260PTT   Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C2436   C2000 SERIES, C 2436 STYLE C2436 ~nov-1975 Desktop with Display+Printer
BURROUGHS: C5120 C5000 SERIES, C5120 STYLE C5120 ~1974 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C5155   C5000 SERIES, C5155 STYLE C5155 1973 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C5156 C5000 SERIES, C5156 STYLE C5156 ~1974 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C5158   C5000 SERIES, C5158 STYLE C5158 ~1975 Desktop
BURROUGHS: C5206 C SERIES, C 5206 STYLE C5206 (C 5206) ~1971 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C5255   C SERIES, C 5255 STYLE C5255 (C-5255) 1971 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C5258     C5258 1975 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C5260     C5260 ~1977 Desktop
BURROUGHS: C5306   C5000 SERIES, C5306 STYLE C5306 ~1971 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C6201   C6000 SERIES, C6201 STYLE C6201 ~1974 Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C6202   C6000 SERIES, C6202 STYLE C6202 ~1974 Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: C6413 ANALYSES AND DISTRIBUTION, C-6400 C6400 SERIES, C6413 STYLE C6413 ~1977 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C6453 FINANCIAL CALCULATOR C-6400 SERIES, C6453 STYLE C6453 ~1976 Desktop / Financial+Business
BURROUGHS: C7203   C 7200 SERIES, C 7203 STYLE C7203 (C 7203) ~1975 Desktop with Printer / Card reader
BURROUGHS: C7413 C-7400 C7400 SERIES, C7413 STYLE C7413 1976 Desktop with Display+Printer
BURROUGHS: C7443 C-7400 C7400 SERIES, C7443 STYLE C7443 ~1977 Desktop
BURROUGHS: EA2000   EA2000 SERIES, EA2100 STYLE EA2000 ~1976 Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: EA2100   EA2000 SERIES, EA2100 STYLE EA2100 1976 Desktop with Printer
BURROUGHS: EA2300 EA 2300 PRODUCT OR STYLE: EA2300 EA2301 EA2300 ~feb-1979 Desktop with Display+Printer
BURROUGHS_docu: 2004693Du (Broch.) C5155,C5255   2-7-7, 2004693 Du   ~1973 Documentation / Brochure
SANYO_docu: (Broch.) ICC801D SANYO, Calculatrices Electroniques, Mini SANYO 801 D, Mini-Volume, Maxi-Calculs     ~1971 Documentation / Brochure
SCHNEIDER: EXA100     EXA100 ~1970 Desktop with Display
SCHNEIDER: EXA110     EXA110 ~1970 Desktop with Display
SCHNEIDER: EXA115MI     EXA115MI ~1970 Desktop with Display
SCHNEIDER: EXA120     EXA120 ~1970 Desktop with Display
SCHNEIDER: EXA210 18511   EXA210 1970 Desktop with Display
SCHNEIDER: EXA310     EXA310 1970 Desktop
SCHNEIDER: EXAIII     EXAIII ~1971 Desktop with Display
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