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Alfabetical Brand/Type List
Criteria: Display (Nixie monotube)
AKA (Also Known As) Label on Back Product Number Year of introduction Classification
ADDO-X: D1     D1   Desktop with Display
DATA DEVICES: 880/1 Data Devices, Brock 880/1 DESK CALCULATOR 8801 (880/1) ~1972 Desktop with Display
LAGO-CALC: C86 Calc 86 MODEL: C86 C86 ~1971 Desktop with Display
LAGO-CALC: LC816 (version-1) LC 816   LC816 (LC 816) 1971 Desktop with Display
LOGIC DATA CORPORATION: TW8     TW8 197? Desktop with Display
PHILIPS: (Unknown model 4) = EDC MOS Set       ~1971 Desktop with Display
PHILIPS_parts(E): ZM1200 (Display Nixie Monotube)     ZM1200 ~1971 Part / Display_Nixie_Monolitic
PHILIPS_parts(E): ZM1206 (Display Nixie Monotube)     ZM1206 ~1971 Part / Display_Nixie_Monolitic
REX-ROTARY: D11 (version-1) CONTEX D11   D11 1971 Desktop with Display
REX-ROTARY: D11 (version-2) CONTEX D11   D11 ~1971 Desktop with Display
REX-ROTARY: D31 (version-2) Contex D31   D31 1972 Desktop with Display
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