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Alfabetical Brand/Type List
Criteria: JMOS (Japanese MOS)
AKA (Also Known As) Label on Back Product Number Year of introduction Classification
ADDO-X: 9357   MOD 9357 9357 1969 Desktop with Display
ADDO-X: 9657   MOD 9657 9657 1969 Desktop with Display
BROTHER: 412 (version-1) Pro-Cal 412 JC2-412 412 jan-1969 Desktop with Display
BROTHER: 412 (version-2) Calther 412   412 jan-1969 Desktop with Display
BROTHER: 514 (version-1) Pro-Cal 514 JC2-514 514 oct-1969 Desktop with Display
BROTHER: 514 (version-2) Calther 515 JC2-514 514 oct-1969 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C3207 C 3200 C 3207 SERIES C3207 (C 3207) 1969 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C3225   C 3225 SERIES C3225 (C 3225) ~1970 Desktop with Display
BURROUGHS: C3327     C3327 1971 Desktop with Display
BUSICOM: 120DA 120-DA 120-DA, ElectroTecchnical Industries 120DA (120-DA) apr-1969 Desktop with Display
BUSICOM: 120DB 120-DB ETI, ElectroTechnical Industries, BUSICOM 12-DB, ISE 120DB (120-DB) 1970 Desktop with Display
BUSICOM: 120DM (version-1) junior NCM, 120-DM 120DM (120-DM) 1970 Desktop with Display
BUSICOM: 120DM (version-2)   NCM, 120-DM 120DM (120-DM) 1970 Desktop with Display
BUSICOM: 120DM (version-3) junior   120DM (120-DM) 1970 Desktop with Display
BUSICOM: 121DB (version-1) 121-DB NCM, 121-DB 121DB (121-DB) 1970 Desktop with Display
CASIO: 121 Electronic Calculator   121 1969 Desktop with Display
CASIO: 121A 121-A 121-A 121A (121-A) 1969 Desktop with Display
CASIO: 121B ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR MODEL 121-B   121B (121-B) 1970 Desktop with Display
CASIO: 122     122 1969 Desktop with Display
CASIO: 152 IC 152   152 (IC 152) may-1968 Desktop with Display
CASIO: ASA AS-A AS-A ASA (AS-A) jul-1969 Desktop with Display
CASIO_parts(E): 12D12D (PCB)   12D-12(D) 12D12D (12D-12(D)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12D2E (PCB)   12D-2(E) 12D2E (12D-2(E)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12D3F (PCB)   12D-3(F) 12D3F (12D-3(F)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12D43A (PCB)   12D-43(A) 12D43A (12D-43(A)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12G1D (PCB)   12G-1(D) 12G1D (12G-1(D))   Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12G1E (PCB)   12G-1(E) 12G1E (12G-1(E))   Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12G2C (PCB)   12G-2(C) 12G2C (12G-2(C))   Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12H12B (PCB)   12H-12(B) 12H12B (12H-12(B)) ~1969 Part / PCB / Display
CASIO_parts(E): 12H12C (PCB)   12H-12(C) 12H12C (12H-12(C)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12H21B (PCB)   12H-21(B) 12H21B (12H-21(B))   Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12H2D (PCB)   12H-2(D) 12H2D (12H-2(D)) 1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12H31A (PCB)   12H-31(A) 12H31A (12H-31(A)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12H3C (PCB)   12H-3(C) 12H3C (12H-3(C))   Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12HE4A (PCB)   12H-E4(A) 12HE4A (12H-E4(A))   Part / PCB / Internals (keyboard)
CASIO_parts(E): 12HE5A (PCB)   12H-E5(A) 12HE5A (12H-E5(A))   Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12K12B (PCB)   12K-12(B) 12K12B (12K-12(B))   Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12K1C (PCB)   12K-1(C) 12K1C (12K-1(C)) ~1970 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12K21C (PCB)   12K-21(C) 12K21C (12K-21(C)) ~1970 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12K2C (PCB)   12K-2(C) 12K2C (12K-2(C)) ~1970 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12KEA (PCB)   12K-E(A) 12KEA (12K-E(A))   Part / PCB / Internals (display)
CASIO_parts(E): 12Q1C (PCB)   12Q-1(C) 12Q1C (12Q-1(C)) ~1970 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12Q2C (PCB)   12Q-2(C) 12Q2C (12Q-2(C)) ~1970 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 12QE2 (PCB)   12Q-E2 12QE2 (12Q-E2)   Part / PCB / Internals (display)
CASIO_parts(E): 12QE4LA (PCB)   12Q-E4-L(A) 12QE4LA (12Q-E4-L(A) ~1970 Part / PCB / Internals (keyboard)
CASIO_parts(E): 16E1B (PCB)   16E-1(B) 16E1B (16E-1(B)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 16E2B (PCB)   16E-2(B) MAIN 16E2B (16E-2(B)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 16E3C (PCB)   16E-3(C) 16E3C (16E-3(C)) ~1969 Part / PCB
CASIO_parts(E): 16E41C (PCB)   16E-41(C) 16E41C (16E-41(C)) ~1969 Part / PCB
COMMODORE: 612 (version-1) Electronic 612 MODEL 612 612 1969 Desktop with Display
COMMODORE: 612 (version-2) DAC-612   DAC612 (DAC-612) 1969 Desktop with Display
DENON: DEC61A4 MODEL DEC-641A4 DEC61A4 (DEC-61A4) sep-1968 Desktop with Display
DENON_parts(E): E8911JA (PCB) E-8911J-A     ~1969 Part / PCB
DENON_parts(E): E8912KB (PCB) E-8912K-B     ~1969 Part / PCB
DICTAPHONE: 1420     1420 1969 Desktop with Display
DIVERSIFIED ELECTRONICS: 510 InstaMator 510 InstaMator, MDL.NO. 510 InstaMator ~mar-1971 Desktop with Display
FACIT: 1123   Type 1123 1123 ~mar-1968 Desktop with Display
FACIT: 1124   Type 1124 1124 ~mar-1968 Desktop with Display
FACIT: 1125   Type 1125 1125 ~mar-1968 Desktop with Display / Memory (core)
FACIT: 1127   Type 1127 1127 1969 Desktop with Display
FACIT: 1129     1129 1970 Desktop with Display
FACIT: 1129J     1129J 1970 Desktop with Display
FEILER: 140 Litton Feiler MODEL 140 140 1971 Desktop with Display
GENERAL: 1200 TEKNIKA 1200   1200 1969 Desktop with Display
HALLMARK: 1200     1200 ~1972 Desktop with Display
HITACHI_parts(E): HD3105 (IC)     HD3105 ~1970 Part / IC
HITACHI_parts(E): HD3108 (IC)     HD3108 ~1970 Part / IC
HITACHI_parts(E): HD3109 (IC)     HD3109 ~1969 Part / IC
HITACHI_parts(E): HD701M (IC)     HD701M 1967 Part / IC
HITACHI_parts(E): HD706M (IC)     HD706M ~1970 Part / IC
HITACHI_parts(E): HD708M (IC)     HD708M ~1970 Part / IC / Inverter (5x)
HITACHI_parts(E): HD9004 (IC)     HD9004 ~1970 Part / IC
INDUSTRIA MACCHINE ELETTRONICHE (IME): 40     40 ~1971 Desktop with Display
INDUSTRIA MACCHINE ELETTRONICHE (IME): 41     41 ~1970 Desktop with Display
KANTO CALCULATING MACHINE: 1200K HALLOW 1200 K   1200K (1200 K) ~1970 Desktop with Display
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5304 (IC)     M5304 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5310 (IC)     M5310 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5320 (IC)     M5320 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5330 (IC)     M5330 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5340 (IC)     M5340 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5352 (IC)     M5352 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5373 (IC)     M5373 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5391 (IC)     M5391 ~1969 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M58201 (IC)     M58201 ~1970 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M58203 (IC)     M58203 ~1970 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M58207 (IC)     M58207 ~1970 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M58208 (IC)     M58208 ~1970 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5823 (IC)     M5823 ~1970 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M58239 (IC)     M58239 ~1970 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M58282 (IC)     M58282 ~1970 Part / IC
MITSUBISHI_parts(E): M5962 (IC)     M5962   Part / IC
NATIONAL CASH REGISTER (NCR): (Unknown model 2)       1970 Desktop with Display
NATIONAL CASH REGISTER (NCR): 18-12 CLASS 18, 18-12 National, CLASS-18, 18-12 1812 (18-12) 1970 Desktop with Display
NEC_parts(E): PD1 (IC)     PD1 ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD10 (IC)     PD10 ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD101C (IC)     PD101C ~1968 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD102C (IC)     PD102C ~1968 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD104C (IC)     PD104C ~1968 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD105C (IC)     PD105C ~1968 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD106 (IC)     PD106 ~1968 Part / IC / Shift register
NEC_parts(E): PD106C (IC)     PD106C   Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD107C (IC)     PD107C   Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD109 (IC)     PD109 ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD10A (IC)     PD10A ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD10C (IC)     PD10C   Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD11 (IC)     PD11 1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD110C (IC)     PD110C ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD111C (IC)     PD111C ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD112C (IC)     PD112C ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD116C (IC)     PD116C ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD12 (IC)     PD12 ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD128 (IC)     PD128   Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD128C (IC)     PD128C ~1972 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD129C (IC)     PD129C ~1972 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD13 (IC)     PD13 ~1969 Part / IC / Inverter (5x)
NEC_parts(E): PD131C (IC)     PD131C ~1970 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD132C (IC)     PD132C ~1970 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD133C (IC)     PD133C   Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD134C (IC)     PD134C ~1971 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD135C (IC)     PD135C ~1970 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD136C (IC)     PD136C ~1971 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD13C (IC)     PD13C ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD14 (IC)     PD14 ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD145 (IC)     PD145 ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD15C (IC)     PD15C ~1969 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD190C (IC)     PD190C ~1970 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD191C (IC)     PD191C ~1970 Part / IC
NEC_parts(E): PD193C (IC)     PD193C ~1972 Part / IC
OMRON: 1201   ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, TYPE 1201, 1201-44120A 120144120A (1201-44120A) ~1970 Desktop with Display
RICCAR SEWING MACHINE: (Unknown model) version-1       ~1971 Desktop with Display
RICCAR SEWING MACHINE: (Unknown model) version-2       1971 Desktop with Display
RICOH: 1214P RICOMAC 1214P   1214P ~1971 Desktop with Printer
ROYAL: 120   MODEL 120 120 ~1971 Desktop with Display
ROYAL: 1K (I K) DIGITAL I-K, MODEL UA 755   UA755 ~1973 Desktop with Display
ROYAL: Digital I DIGITAL I MODEL NUMBER 100 DIGITAL I 1971 Desktop with Display
ROYAL: RC120   MODEL RC 120 RC120 ~1971 Desktop with Display
SANDIKEN: M12 Sander M-12 SANWA PRECISA M12 (M-12) ~1970 Desktop with Display
SANYO: ICC1141   MODEL ICC-1141 ICC1141 (ICC-1141) 1968 Desktop with Display
SANYO: ICC141 (version-1) ICC-141   ICC141 (ICC-141) apr-1968 Desktop with Display
SANYO: ICC141 (version-2)   Model ICC-141 ICC141 (ICC-141) 1968 Desktop with Display
SANYO: ICC143   MODEL ICC-143 ICC143 (ICC-143) may-1970 Desktop with Display
SANYO: ICC144     ICC144 1970 Desktop with Display
SANYO_parts(E): ICC1212AC (PCB)   ICC 121-2AC ICC1212AC (ICC 121-2AC) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC1213AC (PCB)   ICC 121-3AC ICC1213AC (ICC 121-3AC) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC1214AC (PCB)   ICC 121-4AC ICC1214AC (ICC 121-4AC) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC1215AC (PCB)   ICC 121-5AC ICC1215AC (ICC 121-5AC) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC1216AC (PCB)   ICC 121-6AC ICC1216AC (ICC 121-6AC) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC1217AC (PCB)   ICC 121-7AC ICC1217AC (ICC 121-7AC) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC142N1A (PCB)   ICC-142 N-1A ICC142N1A (ICC-142 N-1A) ~1969 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC142N2A (PCB)   ICC-142 N-2A ICC142N2A (ICC-142 N-2A) ~1969 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC142N3A (PCB)   ICC-142 N-3A ICC142N3A (ICC-142 N-3A) ~1969 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC142N4A (PCB)   ICC-142 N-4A ICC142N4A (ICC-142 N-4A) ~1969 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC142N5A (PCB)   ICC-142 N-5A ICC142N5A (ICC-142 N-5A) ~1969 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC142N6A (PCB)   ICC-142 N-6A ICC142N6A (ICC-142 N-6A) ~1969 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): ICC142N7A (PCB)   ICC-142 N-7A ICC142N7A (ICC-142 N-7A) ~1969 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): M1AJ (PCB)   M-1AJ M1AJ (M-1AJ) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): M8AJ (PCB)   M-8AJ M8AJ (M-8AJ) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): M9AJ (PCB)   M-9AJ M9AJ (M-9AJ) ~1968 Part / PCB
SANYO_parts(E): R417207 (PCB)   R-417207 R417207 (R-417207) ~1970 Part / PCB
SHARP: CS121 Compet 121 MODEL CS-121 CS121 (CS-121) apr-1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS12A Compet 12 COMPET 12, MODEL CS-12A CS12A (CS-12A) jun-1969 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS12D Compet 12   CS12D (CS-12D) mar-1969 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS16A Compet 16   CS16A dec-1967 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS16C Compet 16 MODEL CS-16C CS16C (CS-16C) ~1968 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS16D Compet 16   CS16D 1969 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS16S Compet 16 MODEL CS-16S CS16S 1969 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS17B Compet 17 MODEL CS-17B CS17B (CS-17B) 1968 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS17C Compet 17 MODEL CS-17C CS17C (CS-17C) 1969 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS18D Compet 18 MODEL CS-18D CS18D (CS-18D) aug-1969 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS201 Compet 201 MODEL CS-201 CS201 (CS-201) aug-1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS221 Compet 221 MODEL CS-221 CS221 (CS-221) mar-1973 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS221A COMPET 221A MODEL CS-221A CS221A (CS-221A) ~1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS22A Compet 22 COMPET 22, MODEL CS-22A CS22A (CS-22A) jun-1968 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS22C Compet 22 COMPET 22, MODEL CS-22C CS22C (CS-22C) 1968 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS23C Compet 23 (COMPET 23), MODEL CS-23C CS23C 1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS241 Compet 241 MODEL(L) CS-241 CS241 (CS-241) mar-1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS241C     CS241C (CS-241C) ~1971 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS361M Compet 361M MODEL CS-361M CS361M (CS-361M) 1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS361P Compet 361P   CS361P (CS-361P) apr-1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS361S Compet 361S   CS361S (CS-361S) ~1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS661 Compet 661   CS661 (CS-661) nov-1969 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS661B     CS661B (CS-661B) ~1970 Desktop with Display
SHARP: CS662 Compet 662   CS662 (CS-662) feb-1970 Desktop with Printer
SHARP: CS761 Compet 761   CS761 (CS-761) apr-1970 Desktop with Display
TOKYO ELECTRONIC APPLICATION LAB (TEAL)_parts(E): D2-12 (PCB)   D2-12 D212 (D2-12) ~1971 Part / PCB / Internals (display)
TOKYO ELECTRONIC APPLICATION LAB (TEAL)_parts(E): M1C01 (PCB)   M-IC(1) M1C01 (M-1C01) ~1971 Part / PCB
TOKYO ELECTRONIC APPLICATION LAB (TEAL)_parts(E): M2-10 (PCB)   M2-10 M210 (M2-10) ~1971 Part / PCB
TOKYO ELECTRONIC APPLICATION LAB (TEAL)_parts(E): M2-12 (PCB)   M2-12 M212 (M2-12) ~1971 Part / PCB
TOSHIBA: BC1002 TOSCAL, BC-1002 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, BC-1002 BC1002 (BC-1002) 1970 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1202 (version-1) BC-1202 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, BC-1202 BC1202 (BC-1202) apr-1969 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1211S TOSCAL 1211S   BC1211S (BC-1211S) apr-1969 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1216P BC-1216P ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR BC-1216P SINGLE PHASE BC1216P (BC-1216P) 1971 Desktop with Printer
TOSHIBA: BC1217 BC-1217 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR BC-1217 BC1217 (BC-1217) 1971 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1217A BC-1217A ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR BC-1217A BC1217A (BC-1217A) ~1973 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1414G   ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, BC-1414G BC1414G 1971 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1415P   ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, BC-1415P BC1415P (BC-1415P) 1970 Desktop with Printer
TOSHIBA: BC1491GR BC-1491GR   BC1491GR (BC-1491GR) 1971 Desktop with Display / Card reader
TOSHIBA: BC1611 BC-1611 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, BC-1611 BC1611 (BC-1611) 1969 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1612 BC-1612   BC1612 (BC-1612) 1970 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1623 Toscal BC-1623   BC1623 (BC-1623) 1969 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1623G BC-1623G ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, BC-1623G BC1623G (BC-1623G) 1969 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA: BC1624 Toscal BC-1624 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR, BC-1624 BC1624 (BC-1624) 1970 Desktop with Display
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4004M (IC)     TM4004M ~1970 Part / IC / Inverter (5x)
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4005M (IC)     TM4005M ~1970 Part / IC
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4006M (IC)     TM4006M ~1970 Part / IC
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4103M (IC)     TM4103M ~1970 Part / IC / Shift register
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4104M (IC)     TM4104M ~1970 Part / IC / Counter BCD
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4105M (IC)     TM4105M ~1969 Part / IC / Shift register
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4106M (IC)     TM4106M ~1970 Part / IC / Shift register
TOSHIBA_parts(E): TM4107M (IC)     TM4107M   Part / IC / Shift register
TRIUMPH-ADLER: 1620 TRIUMPH 1620 Type EC EC 1970 Desktop with Display
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