FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

The FAQ page deals with questions that are asked repeatedly.
These common questions are roped together and placed in this particular section where visitors can go to, finding answers they need.

Who's the owner/founder of CALCUSEUM and how can I contact him?

DEVIDTS Serge, Living in Belgium.
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CALCUSEUM is an advocate and catalyst for preservation of Old Electronic Calculators between the periode 1950 until 2000
The Webpages are delivering resilient long-term access to digital content.
It is a not-profit initiative whose primary objective is to raise awareness of the importance of
the preservation of Vintage Electronic Calculators material associated with historically strategic, cultural and technological issues.
Developmental electronic enginieering is an art, a process of experimentation and creation,
which taxes the imagination to its outermost limits.
In the abstract this proces is demanding enough, but when combined with the pressures of industrial manufacturing and
the drive to keep ahead of the competition, creativity can be sorely strained.

What's the fun?
In retro perspective, Electronic calculators are quite new.
Unlike stamps (with all due respect), there are still machines and internals to discover.
For the last 15+ years... Keeping up the
Visual and  Textual Database on a daily base is a very extensive, but fascinating task.

Are you selling Items?
In general... No.
A lot of people are surprised to find out that their cherished hobbies have somehow 'morphed' into businesses overnight without their knowledge.
Under current law, if you're making even as much as EUR 1.00 doing anything, the tax authorities don't care if it's a hobby or a business... they want their money.
This looks to me the opposite spirit of the preservation goal.
I rather prefer to swap Items... but exceptions can be made if they're supporting the museum.

Are you buying Items?
In general... Yes.
In order to expand the collection I do buy representative Items, although money-trading is not my favorite thing.

Are Donations welcome and save?
Without any doubt.
Since there's no commercial goal whatsoever, every donated Item is going to be preserved in the museum,
without any intentions to sell it... ever.
In the past, the museum has received some very interesting Items, which were emotionally possessed
by their owners over the years, with the knowdlege they're future is secured in the collection.
Every donation is mentioned on the Credits Page

Are you still looking for Items or extra information?
This is a brief
Overview of the calculators which I'm searching for.
I'm not only searching for the machines themselves... but also any related info,
for example: Pictures, Manuals, Advertisements, Catalogs, Invoices, Accessories, Anecdotes...
even just scans are more than welcome.
Have a comment or question to share? Please send a
Every info received is mentioned on the
Credits Page

Is there any physical museum to visit?
Not at the moment, unfortunately... it sure is on my Bucket List.
but for the time being, you can visit my (virtual)
Temporary Expo or... Browse through the entire Collection

Does the museum provides/put as disposal Items?
such as for... Temporary Exhibitions, schools, Films, etc...
this is possible under the right circumstances, please send a


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